New Temporary Gift Shop Opens!

UPDATE: The gift shop will NOT be open on Sundays. There will be no volunteer and so enrollments will not be available on Sundays either.

This past Thursday was the "official" opening of our new temporary gift shop! Because of (God willing) impending construction & renovations, the volunteer's office and gift shop were relocated from the vestibule of the church to an area of the basement. The old volunteer's office will be turned into a handicap accessible bathroom, and the new volunteer's office and gift shop will be in the new wing.

We've never liked that our gift shop has been situated in the vestibule, so we're very happy with even this temporary arrangement. Sr. Mary Catharine is in charge of the gift shop and has done an amazing job turning a stairwell of the basement into the gift shop's temporary home. There are new products, as well!

A few days before the shop opened, we were allowed to go out to see it. Sr. Mary Catharine and Sr. Judith Miryam were still working hard on getting everything priced and placed. One of our favorite new items is a cloth Christmas tree ornament made especially for us: a Dominican nun! There are a variety of nuns and they are just adorable. We will also be selling Old World Christmas ornaments, and when Sister saw that they make a golden retriever ornament she immediately thought "Sabina!" (our golden retriever). So of course we will be selling the "Sabina" ornament, too!

Take a look at the photo galleries below to see our visit to the shop and some of what is available. 

You're invited to come visit our gift shop! It is open Monday-Saturday from around 9:30 to 4/4:30 and is CLOSED on Sundays. We rely completely on our wonderful team of volunteers to run the shop. The entrance can be found across from our small parking lot on the Morris Avenue side of the building. We have plenty of directional signs out, so if the sign on the door says OPEN come on in!