Monastery Crafts: The Making of Candles

One Monastery craft that you all know about is our candle-making. Started a few years ago by Sr. Mary Catharine, Sr. Maria Johanna has taken over the reigns of the candle crafting operations. While Sister may be the main candle maker, the other novices help out as well. Due to an overall lack of room in the monastery, the candle department is housed partly at the bottom of a stairwell.

Here we'll follow Sister through the steps of making both jar candles and beeswax Easter Egg candles (currently out of season). There are a lot of steps involved, and unfortunately the camera missed a few, but we think you'll get the idea! Descriptions are under each picture. Special thanks to Sr. Maria Johanna for providing the explanations for each step! This may take awhile to load, as there are a lot of pictures!

Crafting Jar Candles


Crafting Beeswax Carved Easter Egg Candles