First Week of MTS

The sisters in the Monastic Theological Studies program have successfully completed the first of two weeks of class. This is the last year of the 4 year cycle, which means only one more week of class and one more presentation to go before they 'graduate'!

Sunday evening Sr. Maria of Jesus from the Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament in Farmington Hills, Michigan shared pictures with us of her Solemn Profession. Sisters can begin the study program as soon as they are in Temporary Profession (or if a new cycle is beginning and they will make profession shortly after the first sessions), so many of the sisters make Solemn Profession during the four years they are in the program and thus lots of joy and excitement for their fellow MTS sisters (and their host monastery!). 

This week's course was Patristic Christology taught by Fr. Andrew Hofer, OP. You  might remember that Fr. Andrew also taught Theology of Thomas Aquinas in 2015. The sisters also gave their presentations one of two papers they wrote for last year's classes. They are officially done with MTS presentations!  In place of their second presentation they will be holding a disputatio(You can see the Lufkin nuns' blog on the first MTS cycle's disputatio HERE!)  Stay tuned for this cycle's topic!