"You are a priest forever..."

On Tuesday one of "our" seminarians, Fr. Thomas Barry, celebrated Mass for us; our chaplain Fr Gregory concelebrated. Fr. Tom as instrumental in setting up the prayer partnership between ourselves and a group of seminarians from Immaculate Conception Seminary a few years ago. It has been such a joy as "our" seminarians progressed in their training and were finally ordained deacons and then priests. They've faithfully returned to say Mass for our community and give us their blessing.

After breakfast we were able to meet with Fr. Tom in the parlor for a visit. Of course we had to give him the 'traditional' gift for a new priest saying Mass for us: one of our handwoven stoles. We hope this visit won't be the last!

Fr. Tom is a priest in the diocese of Trenton and is assigned to St. Justin the Martyr parish in Tom's River. Congratulations, Fr. Tom, on your ordination!