All Saints' & Prioress's Feast Day

This year we celebrated the feast day of our prioress, Sr. Mary Martin, on All Saints’ because her actual feast day, St. Martin de Porres, fell on a Saturday (our laundry/cleaning/etc. day). The decorations were a bit creative this year: lots of pumpkins! Having opened the celebration the night before, we celebrated on Thursday with a ‘10 & 4’ day. At 10am the bell rings for all the sisters to gather in the community for snacks, recreation, and sometimes games.

This year Sr. Denise Marie came up with a cup game where two sisters raced to re-stack their cups. Dinner and Supper were talking meals in the community room and there was ice cream and a wonderful skit and song by the novitiate at 4. The skit was the story of St. Juan Diego and the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe. They ended with a hymn in 3-part harmony accompanied by Sr. Lucia Marie on the guitar. Unfortunately our camera battery died at the very beginning of the skit!

In the evening we had our traditional bingo game. Our postulant, Sr. Lauren, won ended the day with the most prizes: a beautiful pen from Sr. Mary Magdalene’s St Joseph Workshop for winning the cup game, a stuffed teddy bear for winning the door prize, a lovely gold cross necklace for winning at bingo…plus the beautiful journals that were set out for each sister!