Community Celebration

On Wednesday, Nov 21st, Feast of Our Lady’s Presentation and the actual 25th anniversary of profession for Sr. Mary Catharine we held the community celebration of her Silver Jubilee. We began the night before at evening recreation by welcoming Sister to the community room with a ‘greeting song.’ Once the lovely rose crown was placed on her head the sisters greeted her in profession order. As is usual, each sister received a piece of chocolate and a small gift (bookmarks and blank cards). Whoever finds a mark on her gift (or sometimes on a small piece of paper drawn) wins the door prize. This year the very first sister, Sr. Mary Martin, won the door prize! After all the greetings we enjoyed ice cream and cookies.

Wednesday morning sister chose instead of ‘10&4’ to have a cooked brunch in the community room. This was extra special because we only have cooked breakfast once a year, on Easter Monday, and that’s without talking. At 10 we played Pictionary where the topic was things around the monastery. Some were easy while others took a lot of thinking! Dinner was again a talking meal in the community room, as was Supper. At 4 we had ice cream and cookies while Sister opened her gifts from the community. At evening recreation we enjoyed watching some good old fashioned comedy.

The next day was Thanksgiving…two recreation days in a row! At Dinner Sr. Mary Martin asked for a show of hands of who’d prefer to have Compline at 8 instead of recreation: every hand went up! Two days in a row of eating and talking is a lot for a cloistered nun!