Time Capsule

With the construction of a new wing comes the construction of a new time capsule! Ordinarily this would be placed in the corner stone, but we didn't want the nuns of the future to have to knock down the monastery in order to open it...so we've put it in a more accessible location. Ideas poured in on what should be placed in the capsule (a pvc pipe). The front page of Sunday's news paper, a candle, a bar of soap, a wooden pen, Holy Land olive wood rosary beads, some little crochet, a few sisters' accounts of what they did last Saturday, cards, images of the choir and chapel and of course Sabina, jubilee medals, this week's praise list, our community picture with the signature of each sister, etc. etc. On Sunday Sr. Mary Magdalene sealed the capsule and wrote the instructions: "Do not open until 2119!" In case the marker wears off in the intervening century the date was carved in as well. There were many conjectures on what the nuns would be like who open the time capsule. Would there still be a flourishing community, or would there be only two old 95 year old sisters left? How old would we be if we lived to 2119? (The answer is too old!)