Professed Feast Day

This year the Professed Feast Day, St. Mary Magdalene, fell on a Sunday. So we held our community celebration on the following Thursday. Traditionally on St. Mary Magdalene the novitiate takes over the kitchen and provides the meals and snacks for the day. This year the novitiate really out did themselves! The celebration officially begins at 10am, when the bell rings and the community assembles in the Community Room for the '10' part of '10 & 4.' This year the novitiate not only served delicious snacks consisting of chips and dip, they had created a bit of entertainment as well—a homemade Piñata!

For dinner we had a 'talking meal' in the community room and enjoyed delicious tacos cooked up by the novitiate with homemade cream cheese flan for dessert. Yum! At 4pm, we gathered again for the '4' part of the '10 & 4' day. This time the novitiate had made chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla smoothies to enjoy alongside some fresh fruit and ice cream. While the professed recreated in the community room the novitiate was busy in the kitchen making quesadillas for supper!

In the evening everyone pulled out their Bingo cards. We've gone through a number of cards through the years, so some sisters played two! We use a variety of objects to mark the cards including buttons and...m&ms?! (Well, it was a candy day and one sister found herself lacking the usual buttons or cardboard dots!) Sr. Maureen, Sr. Lucia Marie, and Sr. Mary Catharine each won a round.