New Session of MTS Begins!

On Saturday, June 1st, 4 of our sisters hopped a plane to Texas for the start of a new cycle of the Monastic Theological Studies program (MTS). This program of studies is for the newly professed of our nuns and is hosted by the North American Association of Dominican Monasteries. Each cycle consists of 2 weeks of classes for four Summers. Although the sisters only meet together for class for 2 weeks each year, their studies continue through the year with papers and presentations to prepare. The first year begins with one week of Epistemology with Fr. Brian Chrzastek, OP  and one week of Theology with Fr. Philip Neri Powell, OP.

The first cycle of MTS began back in 2010 and was held at the Dominican Monastery in Lufkin, Texas, where our sisters are studying now. The second cycle was hosted at our own monastery in Summit. This cycle’s participants from our monastery are Sr. Maria Johanna, Sr. Mary Ana, and Sr. Lucia Marie. Sr. Mary Martin is also down in Texas as she is on the formation committee of the Association and is in charge of the program. We miss our sisters, especially in choir, but we’re glad to see updates via the Lufkin Monastery’s facebook page. It looks like they are studying hard and having fun!