Independence Day

Better late than never! Our annual retreat began the day after Independence Day, so this blog post is a little late. We had a lovely Fourth of July with a picnic dinner on the cloister and a talking meal in the community room for supper. In the morning there was baseball, card games, and conversations. After dinner dishes some of the younger sisters created a “slip ‘n slide” with tarps on our sledding hill. Apparently it worked quite well! At recreation that evening we gathered around the piano in the community room to sing patriotic songs, ending with our National Anthem as our two youngest sisters in religion held the American flag. After Compline the novitiate headed to the top roof to view Summit’s firework display while other sisters crowded into the St. Michael guest room (the only south facing windows!) for the fireworks.

When we weren’t celebrating at recreation we were praying in our chapel for our country and for all those men and women throughout the centuries who have made America what it is and for all of those who will shape what it becomes.

God bless America!