Professed Feast Day

Last week we celebrated the fest day of St. Mary Magdalene. This is also the professed feast day, but since it fell on a Monday (Laundry day) we moved our festivities to Thursday. For the professed feast day the novitiate sisters are in charge of the celebration; they make the menu, and our current novitiate is incredibly creative and has come up with decorations/games/etc. the past few years. This year the theme was a Hawaiian Luau! Pineapple and coconut played a predominant role in the menu with tropical coffee cake for breakfast, Hawaiian ribs and coconut cream pie for dinner, with Hawaiian pizza for supper. This is one of our “10 & 4” days, meaning we have recreation and snacks at 10am and 4pm instead of our usual work period. At 10 there was fruit, chips and dip, and Piña coladas. At 4pm there was tropical sherbet and citrus cookies.

The novitiate had also been busy creating decorations for the professed community room, including colored construction paper tiki men and tissue paper leis. There were a few grass skirts around as well along with flip-flop soaps made by the novitiate. In the morning sisters enjoyed bringing out our tiny pool table for a few games while others tried their hand at hula hooping (spoiler=this gets harder with age and habits!).