Aquinas on the Sacraments

This past weekend we had the pleasure of having Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP for lectures on the Sacraments in the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. There was a lot of information squeezed into just 4 lectures! We had heard some of Fr. White's lectures on the internet and decided we had to invite him to the monastery. We weren't disappointed, as Father is a fantastic lecturer and skilled in elucidating Aquinas's writings.

You can find some of Father's lectures here: Introduction to Metaphysics, the Eucharist, Why Aquinas Matters: Thomism and the New Evangelization. More can be found here

Labor Day

As is our custom for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, yesterday we had a fun day of enjoying each other's company and picnics on the cloister! We were thankful for the glorious weather for our picnics.

This time it was Sr. Maria Johanna's turn to man the grill. Since it was her first time grilling, one of our experts, Sr. Mary Anna, helped her out under the watchful eye of their novice mistress, Sr. Joseph Maria. Sr. Chiara Marie and Sr. Marie pitched in in the kitchen with the help of some of the professed. With the dispensation from silence, somewhere along the way the kitchen work turned into a praise & worship karaoke dance party! 

New-New Website

This summer we decided that our website was due for a tweaking. Not surprisingly, one thing led to another and Sr. Mary Catharine and Sr. Mary Magdalene worked together to produce a new website. Working hard right up to our community retreat they finished it the night before, happy with their hard work.

However, we soon found that the navigation at the top of the page was causing problems for smaller screens and the website wasn't sizing correctly for phones. Although they were able to find a code to correct the phone problem they came to an impasse in fixing the navigation bar layout. Our websites, etc. are all done in-house without engaging profession designers and it is thanks to trial and error and online help that we manage to produce anything! 

So, rather than waste more time with something we weren't happy with, last week Sr. Mary Catharine designed yet another new website! Galleries of photos were added on various pages, links were tested and updated, and the site was tested on various sizes of screen, devices, etc. !

One new feature is that now the Blog page (formally called News) and our Capital Campaign pages are easily located on the top right hand corner of the home page. On the left is a search bar and social media icons to our Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Yelp pages. 

We're sure there is something that needs a little adjusting but for the most part the website is done and we hope you enjoy it! 

Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Experience written by Sr. Marie

This Monday, some of the sisters were very excited about seeing the solar eclipse.  We did not have the special solar filter glasses that allow you to look at the sun without damaging your eyes, and had read many warnings about how looking even briefly at the sun can do serious damage to your eyes, so we decided to try a method we had read about called a “pinhole projector”. For this, you poke a pinhole in a piece of paper, and then look at the light from the sun through the hole reflecting on a second sheet of paper. As the moon moves across the sun, you can see this in the reflection on the paper.

We used a cardboard box with a sheet of paper taped over the bottom (after folding in the flaps), hoping that the box would block some more of the light and let us see the reflection on the paper better. We were very disappointed at first when we thought our projector didn’t work, but it turned out that the eclipse hadn’t progressed far enough yet to see, and there was great excitement when we saw the shadow from the moon making a crescent shape on our reflection of the sun.

While we were not in the total eclipse band, it got noticeably darker outside. And although several of the sisters were very tempted to look up, no one went blind from watching the eclipse!

Do you remember?

Sometimes we use Shutterfly to print pictures (not a sponsored post!). Once in awhile they will email you saying "Remember nine years ago?"  So we thought we'd share what Shutterfly dug up. Do you remember nine years ago?

You are invited!

Brunch with

Mary Higgins Clark

You're invited to a brunch benefiting
The Dominican Nuns of Summit
featuring a talk by
Mary Higgins Clark
who will also be available to sign books.

24 October 2017
10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The Grand Summit Hotel
570 Springfield Ave
Summit, New Jersey

Please reserve your ticket
Limited seating.

General seating $125 per person
Reserved table of 12 $1500

This event will be the only fundraiser for the benefit of the Nuns this fall.

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