Novice Mistresses are known for thinking up new projects for their "charges" so it wasn't surprising when on Saturday Sr. Mary Catharine, novice mistress, got a gleam in her eye and told Masumi that the job for the day was to build a 3 person swing!

Our good friends, Stephen and Linda Michalski had surprised us at Christmas with an enormous box, about 6 feet long, wrapped in paper with a big bow! What a surprise when we unwrapped (and unwrapped and unwrapped) this huge box to find such a lovely gift!

Putting the swing together was a day's work, but well worth it! The sisters are enjoying our new "toy" as you can see by the following photos! The swing will be placed in a lovely "nook" by our magnolia tree where there is a lovely view of the garden. A perfect place to spend on a retreat day or during free time on a hot, lazy summer's day!

May our Lord and His loving Mother, reward you, Linda and Stephen!

Sr. Mary Catharine, novice mistress, goes over the instructions with Masumi. The professed nuns often wear white veils for garden work or dirty work around the house.

"OK. We've got the canopy what? Screw M24 together with L 15? "

Sisters Maria Concepcion, Mary Catharine, Denise Marie and Masumi enjoying the new swing! We could get used to this!