May 1oth
The Gift of Final Perseverance
Bl. Anthony Neyrot, OP—Priest and Martyr

Born around the year 1423 at Rivoli in Italy, Anthony received the habit of the Order from Saint Antoninus at the convent of San Marco in Florence around the middle of the fifteenth century. He lived there under the saint’s discipline for a number of years. A man of unusual boldness and impetuosity, he was motivated by a desire to travel and experience when he was captured by some pirates on the island of Sicily, where he had decided to journey. He was taken to Tunis in Africa in the year 1458; there he apostatized and married, under the influence of the ruler and his surroundings. However, hearing of the holy death of the bishop Antoninus, he was recalled by divine grace and reassumed the habit. He was stoned to death, thus obtaining a generous martyrdom by his own accord, on Holy Thursday, 1460. Clement XIII approved his cultus on 22 February 1767. His body is venerated in Rivoli.

From the Propers of the Order of Preachers, May 10th.