Have you read your TORCH today?

By all accounts, it seems that the Duc in Altum 3rd Order Congress in DC was a wonderful sucess. One person even said it was like heaven and she didn't want to leave! Heaven! We're talking DC and hot, steamy weather! Wow! It must have been pretty good!

This is a great time to put in a plug for some great things that are happening over there with the Dominican 3rd Order. Several years ago, their tiny newsletter was transformed into DOMINICAN TORCH! It is a great magazine, chock full of doctrinal, spiritual and cultural nuggets all with a Dominican flavor! At $20 for 4 issues it's a bargain!

You don't have to be a Dominican to subscribe and you won't regret it! Hey, you might even be inspired to join the 3rd Order....or maybe even the Friars or the Sisters....or, wow! Maybe even the Nuns!

To learn more about the 3rd Order go to www.3op.org and while your're at it, subscribe to their free online newsletter, eLumen. This month's issue just happens to have a great article about the most POD blog around--MonialesOP! (Thanks, Lauren! It was a great surprise!)

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