Don't leave out a thing!

One of the most wonderful gifts of being a Dominican Cloistered nun is the unique relationship we have with our Brothers, the friars. Unlike any other Order the friars are truly our Brethren as the cloistered nuns share a juridical bond with them. For nearly 800 years we've pronounced the same profession formula even to making our Profession not just to our Prioress but also to the Master of the Order.

So, it's only natural, or rather, supernatural, that we should have a concern and interest for their lives of preaching and their welfare, both material and spiritual. Throughout the week of the Provincial Assembly, Fr. John Paul Walker, OP emailed us daily reports, thus informing our prayer and also making us feel like we were right there. (Except he didn't email us some crabs from the fabulous crab bake.)

When our chaplain, Fr. Kieran Fergus, OP came home on Friday from the Anniversary Assembly, we immediately badgered him for news. In between his phone calls requesting a new supply of orange juice and eggs we'd ask, "So Father, what was the anniversary Mass like? What was the ordination Mass like? Can we see your statue of St. Dominc?"

Finally on Sunday, Sr. Mary Martin gave Fr. K. a ring. "Father, the Sisters want to know ALL ABOUT the Assembly. Can we recreate with you in the parlour tonight?" Fr. K. most happily agreed and we spent a delightful evening hearing all about the week, peppering him with questions, solving all the problems of the Province, not to mention the world and even celebrating Fr. K.'s own 40th anniversary of ordination with a delicious box of dark chocolates from our good friend, Kathy Tilley.

Even extending the recreation about 15 minutes past the Compline bell, the time was too short. We finally ended this delightful evening of fraternal sharing with Father blessing us, calling down gifts of grace on our lives of prayer and praise.

Thanks Fr. Kieran for being our Brother and for sharing your own joy as a Dominican and for not leaving out a THING!