Sr. Denise Marie smiles in the face of sledding adversity!

Here are photos of our trio of snow bunnies who ventured outside for some sledding yesterday, perhaps not too successfully due to the depth of the snow. The "snow slamming" (new sledding sub-sport) appeared to be much more successful. And, yes, it does look like the snow was just the right consistency for snowballs!

The view gives a better idea of just what Sister was
up against!

It looks like Sr. Maricon has fallen and
she can't get up!

On second thought, it looks like she was
planning her snowball assault strategy!

Is Sr. Greta making a) a snow angel?, b) engaging
in "snow slamming," or (c) taking a nap? And, who
is that menacing figure (on the far right) holding
a monster snowball?

Looks like a "snow snooze"!

Hey! Where is the novice mistress?!