This photo shows our cemetery (the buried crosses give you an idea of the accumulation!) with the statue of St. Michael the Archangel (on the left). No, the photo is not slightly out of focus. Those are the driving snowflakes, which get occasionally swirled around by gusts of winds. In fact, Sister Photographer's scapular got christened with them! And, Sister Sacristan reported that she could barely open the chapel door this morning. Only two stalwart gentlemen joined us for Holy Mass. We are all wondering, "How did they get here?"

Please pray for the safety of those who have to travel and work in this weather!

On a lighter note, yes, the sister sledders are biding their time, waiting for the snow to stop. And, will the more creative among us be inspired to fashion some snow nuns and/or snow friars. Will the snow be at the right consistency for those two activities? Stay tuned!