Animal Kingdom-Part II

Last night after supper, several sisters were outside and found they were interrupting the first night of "flight school" for a nest of young robins. They were hopping around, scared at these big giants following them. "Mommy never told us about THEM in homeschool!" Meanwhile, Mom and Dad Robin were going berserk and yelling trying to distract us. We were good. We quickly left them to their private lessons.

This morning after Lauds one of the sisters passed the magnolia tree and saw this little guy sitting there in the grass. Of course, no sooner did Sister stop to take a look at him that his over protective parents started up their cacophony of alarm! Sister quickly walked away anxious not to be attacked at such an early hour!

Rabbits, cats, baby birds, groundhogs and opossums! Who needs to watch Animal Kingdom? We've got it right in our back yard!