Without Sunday how could we live?

Sister Maria Conception was roaming around with the camera today and captured the way Sundays are often in the monastery—a day of extra silence and prayer, free time, sisterly sharing and yes, even a cat!

This cat suddenly began showing up a few weeks ago and even brought along her kids, 3 other tabbies. She is very playful and likes to roll around and rub her head against just about everything. She plays hard to get and after awhile will let you pat her head a bit and then maybe even hold her.

We don't know if she is wild or someone's cat but she sure likes it in here. She usually shows up around 7PM when sisters are outside walking or reading or praying, ie. she is a first-class distraction! She has no interest in the rabbits! Tonight she was seen on the wall and spent quite a long time rolling around on top, looking down at us and pretty much enjoying the attention of her adoring "fans". Later, she jumped down and even let Sr. Judith Miryam pat her for awhile.

First, jump from tree to wall. Then...

stay there until you have their COMPLETE attention. Remember, you the cat own them. Not the other way around!

We've named her "Miss Ginger" (she really should be Mrs. Ginger). If you live in the area and this looks like your cat do tell us what her real name is!
Ah, now that's what I can attention. I could get used to this! Thanks, Sr. Judith Miryam!

Sr. Greta enjoys walking in any sort of weather. What is a little rain?

I'm singing in the rain. Just singing in the rain.

Sr. Denise Marie admires Sr. Maria Veneranda's beautiful Clemantis.