Ongoing Formation

This weekend we had the privilege of welcoming back our brother, Fr. John Corbett, OP to give us a few lectures on "Temperance and the Evangelical Counsels". These classes were part of a "series" of lectures Father began with us 5 years ago on the Cardinal Virtues and the Evangelical Counsels. Father Corbett's sabbatical last year delayed our last lectures so we were especially happy when we found out that Father could come over Columbus Day weekend.

Because Father arrived on the afternoon of the 7th he was able to celebrate our patronal feast with us enjoying as much as we did our treat of pizza! In the evening, Father Corbett came up to the novitiate to give a class on the "structure of the human act" which is part of the introduction to the course on the Theology of the Spiritual Life which the novitiate sisters have just started with Sr. Mary Catharine.

Well nourished with a feast for the mind and spirit by Fr. Corbett's deep insights and often humorous examples we celebrated the feast of St. Louis Bertrand who is he patron of novitiates for the Order. Because we were having class on the 9th we postponed the celebration until the next day, Tuesday.

The Sisters enjoyed a quiet, relaxing day. In the morning they watched part of the movie, Teresa de Jesus (It's 8 hours long so it will take us forever to finish it as we don't often watch videos.) with tea and freshly baked scones. Part of the fun was using the best guest tea set in the house and guest napkins!

In the afternoon the novitiate sisters with Sr. Mary Martin spent the time enjoying the beautiful fall weather and the newly painted summer house and did what nuns seem to like to do best: talk! A plate of homemade cookies made for a perfectly relaxing afternoon!