The Terrible Two's

Today our blog is 2 years old and still going! I think more than a few of us are surprised and thought that this experiment would end in a few weeks!

At the beginning we had no idea what we were doing. Blogging? What's that? Html code? Help! Uploading pictures? A complicated process until Blogspot added the upload feature.

We did know why we wanted to begin a blog. First, it seemed not much different than printing and sending out our newsletter; in fact this was easier and cheaper!

More importantly, we thought that by posting about our Dominican contemplative life, in all its beauty and all it's ordinariness we could share something with others and help them learn what the contemplative is about.Perhaps our blog would be the means for others to become attracted to the beauty of a life "free for God alone."

Ultimately, the vocation to religious life and to our way of life is a mystery known only to God. It is a gift for which we can never fully express our gratitude and it seems so small and paltry but it is filled with a love beyond measure.

Many of you have written to us, expressing your gratitude for our little blog, telling us that it has helped you understand more what the cloistered life is all about. Some of you have said that it is our joy which comes across the most. We've received emails from you telling us how our sharing has encouraged you in your own journey to God. And yes, a number of young women have contacted us after reading our blog and are petitioning to enter as postulants. One young woman from Europe wrote that it was in finding our blog that she first began thinking of religious life!

Amazingly, our site meter tells that you from all over the world: India, Belgium, England, Italy, France, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Argentina, Chile, Australia and yes, even Brooklyn, Massachusetts, New Haven, CT, Morristown and even Summit, NJ!

So, God willing, we'll continue for another year. We look forward to continuing to share the fruits of our contemplation!

Nos cum prole pia benedicat Virgo Maria!