Holy Thursday 2007

Some scenes from our Holy Thursday liturgies.

The Mandatuum is done in the Chapter Hall by the Prioress. She, or a sister appointed by her, gives a sermon reflecting on the meaning of this beautiful practice. This is an ancient monastic custom.

In the evening, in place of Compline, the community gathers before the Altar of Repose and each sister, beginning with the Prioress and then going from the youngest to the oldest, reads a passage of the Lord's Sermon (John 13-17). Throughout the night the Sisters keep watch before our Lord. At midnight, the candles are snuffed and the flowers are removed. Adoration continues until the rising bell before the stark tabernacle with only 2 candles lit. Then, the Blessed Sacrament is removed to the sacristy tabernacle.

For those who were at our Mass, we're sorry about the fire alarm going off right before Holy Communion! Yes, that was the soup for our supper burning on the stove!

Our aspirant, Deepa, who is here with us for Holy Week will certainly never forget her first Holy Week in the monastery!

Our faithful altar server, Rich Sophie left with his parting shot:"I can't wait to see what the Easter Vigil will be like!"

We pray that all our readers will have a grace-filled Triduum. May Christ Crucified abide ever more deeply in your hearts!'