News from our brother, Bishop Chris Cardone, OP

Bishop Chris Cardone, OP, is a long time friend of our monastery. We have known him since he entered the Order and comes almost yearly for a visit. His episcopal ordination was an occasion of great joy for the people of the Solomon Islands, the Order, and his friends and family. At Bishop Chris' ordination Mass, the Gospel procession took 20 minutes as men carried the Gospel book on an overturned canoe! Why a canoe? Because the people of the Solomon's remember that the Word of God came to them via a canoe!
Please pray for our Dominican Brothers and Sisters in Gizo Island and for the all the people who are suffering from the tsunami.

Dear Dominic and brothers,

Greetings from AUKI !

Right now all is well here in my diocese but the Dominican Diocese of Gizo is in GREAT strife.

Early this morning there was a huge earth quake in Guadalcanal. Then a few hours later at aprox 8 am Solomon time a series of 4 tidal waves struck the Western Province. At this point it seems that all friar s and sisters are ok but the houses and mission stations have had most houses and buildings washed out to sea. the Sisters Motherhouse in Loga was washed away and the brothers house mostly destroyed. A nearby Gizo village called Nusubaruku was also destroyed.

Thankfully it all occurred in daylight and it is a bright sunny day. will send more news. The internet sight for our local newspaper is and that should have more up to date news and even photos. All just happened and there is lots of confusion.

Keep us in your prayers!

+Chris Cardone, OP
Auki Diocese