Ah, the Peace and Quiet of the Monastery!

Today work began on the "back stairs" of the monastery. Early this AM a back hoe, drills and other equipment moved in as men began tearing down the old stairs. This is a long over due project and became a necessity as we could actually SEE the stairwell pulling away from the building.

For the next 3 weeks or so, all deliveries will have to be directed to the front Chapel entrance. So far, all the delivery people have been most understanding! God bless them!

Lauren and Sr. Deepa listen attentively

Just to add to the fun, this week Fr. Joseph Alobadi, OP is with us giving classes on the Pentateuch. The community room just happens to be next to the demolition/construction site so classes were moved to the refectory for the morning conference making it a sort of "dry" Theology on Tap!