Sing A New Song to the Lord

"What we did during summer vacation." Jaime shows pictures after the class. L to R:Sr. Diana Marie, Sr. Giang, Sr. Deepa, Sr. Maria (music directress) Sr. Martha and Jaime.

The celebration of the Divine Office and Holy Mass is the center of our life. Everything else is secondary. So, it's important that we sing as well as we can.

For that reason, for many years we've called in several able teachers to help us with voice production enabling us to not only to sing better but to sing more beautifully and to be less stressed about it!

Several years ago Jaime Baer Peterson began working with us. Not only does she work hard but she makes us work hard, too! However, she is also a lot of fun and our hard work does pay off.

So, with new sisters in the novitiate we thought that it would be good to have Jaime give them som classes teaching them the rudiments of proper breathing, voice production, LISTENING and blending. Yesterday was their first class and we could hear them all over the house! They sounded great!

We look forward to more great things coming from the novitiate!