Dominican Family

It's great to be a Dominican!

What happens when 11 Friars and 21 Nuns get together on a Friday morning?

Well, you have laughter, sharing, cookies and the joy of being of one heart and mind!

Today, the 10 novice brothers and their novice master, Fr. Walter Wagner, came for a visit as part of their annual "road trip" visting priories and monasteries. This is a visit we look forward to every year and this time our novitiate was anxious to meet their brother novices and even made special soaps for them to take home with them.

As is traditional, the brothers were a "wee bit" late and again as is traditional, the "more intelligent car" (to quote a novice brother) arrived before the other cars.

At the end of our too short visit we squeezed together on either side of the enclosure counter for a family photo. Then the brothers joined us in our choir to sing the office of Sext, filling the choir with their rich male voices! This class can sing!

We ask our holy Father, St. Dominic, to intercede for our new brothers giving each a long life in the Order and to be on fire with zeal for souls and the preaching of the Gospel.
What a problem! This isn't the whole community and we were having a problem fitting everyone into the photo!