In Praise of Our Lady

The Novitiate Sisters had the honor of decorating the Statue of Our Lady for the Rosary Pilgrimage. This statue, which looks very much like our Lady of Akita, but carved many years before the apparations, was designed by Sr. Maria of the Cross. This year the flowers and crown for our Lady were donated by several area florists.

Today we had our annual May Rosary Pilgrimage honoring our Blessed Mother during this month dedicated to her. Begun in 1921 as a pilgrimage to our new monastery (just a house) by ladies from Paterson, NJ to honor our Lady of the Rosary, these twice yearly pilgrimage Sundays have been held without stop at one time attracting nearly 30,000 people! Today, we get a good church full and we are anxious to attract more people, especially young people to this special hour of praise and adoration.

This year, Fr. Carlos Quijano, OP, was the guest preacher. We've known Fr. Carlos since he was a student brother. Currently he is stationed at St. Catherine of Siena Priory in NY. Fr. Carlos spoke about our Lady as the center of the Church's life and prayer, enlarging and dwelling on today's 1st Reading, "All these devoted themselves with accord to prayer, together with some women and Mary the Mother of Jesus." Father also brought out the different titles which Our Lady is honored here in the America's bringing particular attention to Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre who is the patroness of Cuba, Fr. Carlos' native country.

The statue of Our Lady of Fatima which is at the head of our refectory was carried in procession at the beginning of the holy hour and then carried around the chapel with the members of the Fraternity of St. Dominic. At the end of the recitation of the Rosary she was crowned by Marjorie , grand daughter of one of our volunteers.

Every year Rich Sophie does the honors of helping the one to crown our Lady climb the ladder and keep the rest of the attendants under control! This is probably more stressful for the parents than for the children!

The service concluded with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and a gusty singing of Holy God We Praise Thy Name.

Visiting in the parlor after the service.

Now that's Dominican joy!

We always have a good crowd of Nigerians from Newark attend the Pilgrimage. Many dress in their colorful native dress to the delight of the Sisters who enjoying picking their fascinating headgear from out of the crowd.