Q & A With the Dominican Nuns

Recently, our vocation directress received a list of questions from an aspirant. These are questions people often ask so we thought we'd share them and the answers with you.

1. How often do you receive mail? When it gets delivered by the mailman.

2. When do you observe silence? We try hard to observe silence during the times of work, prayer and study. We have recreation 2x a day.

3. What about confession/spiritual direction? How often
and with whom? We have confession 2x a month. Once with Fr. Richard, CFR, and the other with Fr. Frank Maioni. OP’s don’t have a strong tradition of spiritual direction but several of us have one and if a sister wants one we try our best to find someone she feels suited to her.

4. What things are you allowed to bring in when you
enter? There is a clothing list. It’s basic stuff. We try to keep the personal stuff down to a minimum but it’s within reason. However, we don't want someone who is breaking up her apartment to bring everything here!

5. When do you have all-night adoration? Currently 3x a week but we might go to 4 nights. How long are the "shifts"? One hour at night and usually ½ during the day or 2- ½ hours or an hour. Do you kneel the whole time (I'm going to have to get in shape and do some serious training!). No. You can do anything you want within reason like praying prostrate or sitting on the floor or on the little step between the stalls, or walking around choir. Remember the 9 Ways of Prayer of St. Dominic?

6. In the pictures from way back in March, there is a picture of all of you in choir with your arms outstretched. What is that? That is the Fridays in Lent we sing the Parce Domine in reparation for sin.

7. Other than soap making, what other kinds of work do the nuns do? The work that keeps a large house going: housekeeping, sewing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, computer work, library work, bursar, answering doors and phone, perpetual enrollments, rosary making, washing, etc.