Would You Happen to Have a Bar of Soap?

Sister enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner provided by the Grand Summit Hotel.

No, we don't watch football in the afternoon which probably makes many a "football widow" green with envy.

Thanksgiving Day is still celebrated by the monastic family in much the same way as our families back home although it's quieter since we don't invite guests. Except for the times of the Divine Office and prayer the day is free although many sisters wander into the kitchen offering to help the cook, i.e. taste the turkey!

The holiday gave the soap department a welcome breather. Thanks to online publicity and word of mouth we've been swamped with soap, lip balm, hand cream and room spray orders. As you know we make all our products in small batches and everything is packaged by hand. Frankly, the soap room is too small and there have been more than a few "sister crashes"! It's best for the non-soap department sisters to look busy because the Sister Soapers have been known to drop a box of soap into the lap of an unsuspecting sister for packaging and labeling! Some of our Rosary Guild volunteers have generously volunteered their help, also.

It's been a bit crazy but it's also been a lot of fun! We are grateful for your patronage and support!

Remember—because of the nature of our monastic life, we stop accepting orders received after December 17th. Of course, if you live in the area you can purchase Seignadou Soap products from our monastery gift shop.

Just a few bars of soap bagged and ready to be sealed, shrink wrapped and labeled.

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