Singing in God's Ear

As women entrusted by the Church to the praise of God it behooves us to try to do so as well as possible within the abilities of each sister. So, for many years we've had vocal teachers come in to work with us at various times. To be honest, most of us really dislike music practice!

Christmas requires a little extra attention and that is where Jamie Baer Peterson comes in. For several years Jaime has been doing her best to help us sing like angels. Not only that, she makes it a lot of fun. So much so that we threaten to post one of her practices with us on YouTube!

Tonight began the first of practices for our little Christmas "concert" that we give between Matins and Midnight Mass. If you are thinking that we are starting late, well, you're right! Somehow we never manage to start earlier despite our talking about doing so every year. It's nothing short of a miracle that we are able to sing the pieces we've set out to perform!

Jaime's Rules for Good Singing
--Sit up straight
--Open your mouth
--Place your voice in the "magic triangle"

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