For nearly 35 years we have been the beneficiaries of the wonderful services of the many women who belong to the Rosary Shrine Guild. These special women volunteer their time in the front office. If you call, most of the time they are the ones who answer the phone with a cheery, "Rosary Shrine, may I help you?" They also drive sisters to doctors' appointments and volunteer their services in many other ways. (If you live in the area and would like to volunteer please call the monastery at 908.273.1228 and ask for Sr. Virgina Mary.)
One of our volunteers, Cecilia, often shares with us the portfolio of her growing collection of custom stationary and wedding and event invitations. These are truly elegant and are printed on high quality Classic Laid paper or cover stock. Over the years her clientele has grown entirely through word of mouth.

With our encouragement Cecilia has ventured into the world of the Internet offering her beautiful stationary online. She recently created a website: simply The site isn't entirely up but we are happy to introduce you to what she has to offer and encourage you to patronize her site if you are looking for stationary or invitations. All her work is custom work although she does offer many designs and fonts.