Let's Play Knock-Out

With all the chaos of the moving and the constrution, the Sisters were glad to have a break and enjoyed a friendly game of knock-out. The normal rule is for one person to try and make the basket first therefore knocking out (eliminating) the other. However in the monastery, we usually don't play by the rules, so the sister who's eliminated just go back in line and try again.

Here comes Sr. Maria...

She shoots...she scores!!!

Sr. Cari: "Sisters, let me show you how to do this."

Sr. Denise Marie: "Ok, my turn."

Nice shot Sister!

Sr. Mary Martin walked by and saw how much fun we were having, so she had to join too.

Sr. Denise Marie is coming but to do what?

"Time out! That's it guys. This is more exercise than the treadmill. I'll choose this over the treadmill anytime. Now, I need a breather."