Cabinets Arrive!

A exciting moment of progress in our renovations occurred yesterday when the cabinets for the kitchen, kitchenette, pantry and refectory arrived!

We tried to convince the guys that we needed to MAKE SURE they are the correct cabinets by opening a box. No, they weren't convinced. So last night at recreation we trooped to the refectory to check 'em out ourselves!

A truck-full of cabinets! Right at dinnertime, of course!

Joe and Tim start UPloading the truck to the cloister via the "coffin hatch".

Polish Dominican Nuns? No, that "KI" at the end of Dominicans is code for Kitchen. There is also MA for main kitchen, CO for cook's pantry and RE for refectory.

How many nuns can gather around a box?

Sr. Mary Martin and Sr. Mary Amata waiting while the other sisters to do the hard work!

Sr. Diana Marie and Sr. Joseph Maria help Sr. Denise Marie who is obviously thrilled with this refectory cabinet!

Sr. Mary Martin and Sr. Maria check out the progress of the kitchen! The floor will be poured next week!
"Wow! Look at that cabinet!" Putting it where it will finally be installed kinda gives a good feeling that soon we'll be back to "normal"!
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