Visting Our Sisters

On Friday some of the novitiate Sisters went to St. Catherine's Infirmary at the Caldwell Dominican Sisters' motherhouse to visit our 3 sisters who are residents there. Sr. Mary Peter, who is always referred to as "little" Sr. Mary Peter gives everyone a hug that is strong enough to break your neck! Right away she makes signs of driving a car and asks, "Are we going to France?" meaning the Lourdes grotto on the grounds.

We bundled her up in as many sweaters we could find and Sr. Diana Marie's jacket, found Sr. Mary Elizabeth and headed out to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Sr. Mary Anthony, who is also a resident at the Infirmary rarely can be persuaded to go out for a "drive" so this why she isn't in the photo.

Every time the Sisters drive up the Infirmary they see this beautiful statue of St. Catherine, "She's texting!" It sure does look that way. Actually, orginally she was holding a crucifix which recently was damaged.

St. Catherine texting the Pope!

A humorous pose with St. Catherine.
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