Our Holy Father in Prague

This afternoon we watched Vespers with the Holy Father in the Cathedral of St. Vitus in Prague. We are close to our little monastery there in Praha and the Sisters had told us that they would be there and that Sr. Jacka was singing with the choir in the sanctuary.

So, all eyes were peeled to find our sisters as we enjoyed the beatiful chant that was sung by a cathedral full of young and old (but it seemed, mostly young) religious.

We could see Sr. Jacka all right...the back of her veil! Only once did the camera pan the section where she was standing and a huge candlestick blocked her face!

We saw our Sisters from Prague several times and our Sisters from the Monastery in Znojme were clearly in the front rows!

Also there with them was Sr. Mary Augustine from our monastery in Bocaue Philippines! Sr. Mary Augustine is a member of the Master's Commission on the Nuns and had just finished a meeting in Rome. So, there she was in Prague!

Since a Dominican Nun lives in the heart of the Holy Preaching, touching the whole world by her life of prayer, we felt intimately united to our Holy Father and to our Sisters there and we joined them in prayer. We are with them in prayer this entire weekend, praying that this visit of our Holy Father will be a source of many graces for the re-evangelization of their country!

One of the Dominican Nuns from Znojmo in prayer during Vespers.

Many of the nuns at Vespers. All those Carmelites were blocking our view of OUR Dominican Nuns!

A close up. Sr. Mary Augustine to the far left. Sitting next to her are Marie (or is it Sr. Diane) and Sr. Kate?iny. The other sisters are near the aisle.

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