More Photos!

Sr. Mary Amata waits at the new readers desk for Sr. Mary Martin to ring the bell to begin reading the Graces.

A view of the refectory looking towards the kitchen.

This is where we used to have stairs going into the kitchen!

The kitchenette where diet meals and guest meals are prepared.

The other side of the kitchenette. It was extended by a foot from the old kitchenette.

The pantry. This used to be the "little refectory" where some of the older sisters would eat. The door was walled up and not a few of us have almost walked into it forgetting that there is no longer a door!

The Kitchen Madonna (Filipino style) looks over our new kitchen!

A close up of the niche where our Lady watches over us!

Sr. Mary Magdalene runs the new dishwasher. We love it!
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