We're Moving!

It's finally happened! After over 6 months of renovations we are back in our beautiful new kitchen and refectory! It's just beautiful!

We're still in the midst of moving and making the transition. At this point the Chapter Hall is still in shambles as we go through box after box of stored kitchen stuff. How did we manage to collect so many odds and ends over the past 70 years!

Our hearts are so full of gratitude to each and everyone of you who have made these renovations a reality! Without your prayers and financial help we'd still be talking about it!

Our first meal in the refectory!

Sr. Judith Miryam warms up a meal that was a gift from the Our Lady of Peace Bible study group.

Sr. Mary Catharine starts moving dishes to the shelves and cupboards. On the counter is our new Kitchen Aid mixer gift of the Company.

Frank Korfmann, our contractor, and Sr. Denise Marie help with the moving in.

Cleaning up has a lot of meanings and obviously Veronica is enjoying the leftovers!

Suprised you, Sr. Denise Marie!

Bob Franko, Sr. Maria Teresa's father, made the beautiful refectory tables and serving tables.

Sr. Judith Miryam and Sr. Maureen are thrilled with our new kitchen!

Sr. Mary Catharine tries to create order out of the surrounding chaos!