Just a Boring Monday!

During community Rosary Sr. Mary Martin got called out. A few moments later she came back and whispered to one of the sisters, "Where is the camera?" We knew something was up because Sr. Mary Martin doesn't take photos! Sure enough, we found out that a huge limb fell onto THREE of the cars of men working here!

The damge is quite extensive! Fortunately, we have insurance.

These men are doing extensive repairs in the chaplain's apartment and are the same ones who have been here since the spring doing the kitchen renovations. So they know us well and just shrugged their shoulders. Not much else one can do!

Then they and are workmen got to work with chain saws removing the debris.

We have had heavy winds quite often in the past month. We had heavy winds all last night and heavy rains causing flooding in the area.

So, honey, how was work today?

I'm never parking here again!

Fortunately, no one was in the cars or around the area when the limb fell!