Novices Annual Visit

The hightlight of the post-Christmas, pre-Lent days is the annual visit of the novice brothers of the Province of St. Joseph. Although not able to visit all the monasteries within the Province they do try their best. We just happen to be the perfect chocolate-chip-cookie-hot-chocolate stop between the House of Studies in DC and St. Vincent's Priory in New York City!

Sr. Mary Catharine was at the Association Council meeting at Corpus Christi Monastery in the Bronx but she not only didn't miss them but she and the other Sisters were invited to Sunday Mass at St. Catherine of Siena's Priory in New York City and got to hear the brothers' singing at Mass. Thanks to Brothers Cassian and Caejetan they got to St. Vincent's in plenty of time for Fr. Dominic Izzo, OP, the provincial, to give them a tour. Then escorted by all 10 novices in their white habits, they walked over to St. Catherine's. Following the tour of the new priory and a reception Brothers Cassian and Philip Neri drove the Sisters back to Corpus Christi Monastery.

Some of the brothers tell their vocation story. Brother Clement (with the beard) and Brother Philip Neri knew Sr. Maria Teresa before they all entered the Order through the "Missionaries of the Eucharist".

Bro. Philip Neri and Sr. Janlyn are obviously happy about being in the Novitiate!

The highlight of the visit is when we pray the Office together in "one heart and mind in God"!

Dominicans love to laugh! Fr. Carleton Jones, OP, pastor of St. Vincent's gives us a tour of his office in the priory.

The novices process out of St. Catherine of Siena Church

Sr. Mary Catharine, Sr. Miriam, Sr. Mary John, Sr. Mary Thomas, Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart and Sr. Maria Christine pose with St. Catherine of Siena in the friars priory chapel for the "offical" Council photo.

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