A Summer's Week!

 The novices had a party for Sr. Denise Marie one night at recreation....just because! Prioress need a little extra appreciation! Check out those glasses! A gift from a good friend! (We aren't sayin' what was inside of them!)

The Twilight Zone? Nah! Sr. Maria Teresa, Sr. Mary Veronica and Sr. Mary Magdalene catch up with the blog!

 Remember the "Professed Feast"? Sr. Mary Elizabeth, Sr. Mary Martin and Sr. Denise playing scrabble.

 Sr. Mary Cecilia rolls dough for Fried Snickers!

 A sure sign that the novitiate was in the hot kitchen too long! Sr. Mary Veronica wasn't being humorous...she was trying to eat her Good Humor bar and work at the same time!

What better food than Sr. Joseph Maria's egg rolls!

Brother Innocent Smith, OP, gives a lecture on the Restoration of the Dominican Liturgy in the 19th Century.

Painting the swing on a beautiful summer's day!

Renovation work continues in the chaplain's apartment. There is A LOT more work to be done!

Newly-Ordained Fr. Austin Litke, OP, offers a Mass of Thanksgiving for us.