The Wisdom of Sr. Mary Peter

Sr. Mary Martin, Sr. Maria Teresa, Sr. Mary Magdalene, and Sr. Mary Veronica decided to spend this rainy Sunday morning at St. Catherine's Convent in Caldwell, NJ where Sr. Mary Peter currently resides. Always very delighted to see the sisters, at 95 Sr. Mary Peter was FULL of energy. Her face radiated joy as she discovered Sr. Mary Magdalene walking into the solarium. Her joy increased the greater when Sr. Mary Martin was able to give her Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. 

The novices brought mini-marshmallows and after stuffing several in her mouth, sister filled us with wisdom stating, “It’s a good life, if you don’t weaken.” After stating she is always praying for the perseverance of the novices and for all the aspirants or inquirers, she questioned when Sr. Mary Magdalene would be receiving the black veil and told Sr. Maria Teresa (in temporary vows) “Ah… you are only a baby!” 

Her mantra of the last year “When God calls you… you go!”—a statement referring to acceptance of death. We like to apply it to discernment and inquirers who waste time looking for giant blinking neon signs. She did a humorous mock impression of someone trying to tell God, “no” and followed it up stating, you just can’t tell Him, “no”.

Aside from being a corporal work of mercy, charity prompts us to visit the infirm sisters. We often leave feeling that she has had more of an impact on us than our visit could mean to her though she is very delighted to see us every time and welcomes each sisters with a headlock hug and a kiss on each cheek.