Website Upgrade Update--UPDATED

UPDATE! Online Gift Shoppe is now running! Deo Gratias!
"Many are the trials of the just Nun, but from them all the Lord will rescue her!" Psalm 34:19, Dominican Nun version.

Our novice mistress, Sr. Mary Catharine is fond of quoting this verse from the psalms when things go wrong or we are frustrated by the problem at hand. This week has been a week full of "trials" as our aspirant Katherine, has spent many hours struggling with our site and various issues and bugs in the software. She has been very calm through it all and assures us that it will be fixed soon!

So, the old site is back up. However, the Gift Shop isn't cooperating! We are sorry for this inconvenience! If you need to order you can give us a call at 908.273.1228 or 908.273.0861 and Sister can take down your information. Yes, we do take credit cards over the phone.

Keep checking back for updates!