Work continues on the Chaplain's apartment! In order to try to keep costs down the sisters have been doing work "after hours" and on weekends. Sometimes things get a little goofy as you can see in this photo!

If you would like to help us in anyway with this project see our Monastery Needs Page. The big expense has been updating the electricity as the apartment has been a fire hazard for sometime. We are grateful to you and ask our Lord to bless you for your goodness to us!

We're excitedly awaiting the arrival of Fr. Gregory Salomone, OP at the end of August. Meanwhile, we have been enjoying the presence of the many priests who have so generously offered to help us during this time of transition! THANK YOU, FATHER!

We're under construction virtually as well. In the next week you'll be seeing some changes in our website and blog. A new look, a MUCH BETTER online store (here's hoping!) and the integration of our blog and website. At least that is the plan!

So, bear with us! The paint WILL DRY, the lights WILL work and the furniture WILL be back!