How Much Can A Wood Chipper Chip? Thanks to Dad Gessner --A LOT!

Remember Hurricane Irene? Throughout the week we've been piling up the fallen branches. Jeff, one of our workman, along with Sr. Mary Magdalene, cut off the branches of the large pine that fell inside the enclosure. Sr. Mary Veronica suggested that we ask her dad, Ray Gessner, for their wood chipper. She emphasized that it is a SMALL chipper! 

So, we asked Dad Gessner, who kindly offered to come over with his chipper, pick-up truck and chain saw to help us! He ran into a friend, John Lapinski, who also offered to come.

 Who doesn't love a tree to sit on! For Sabina it was love at first sight! The ultimate stick! She was so enamored of the tree that we couldn't get her inside for recreation last Sunday night!

Sr. Mary Amata is getting a little carried away!

So, early on Saturday, Dad Gessner arrived and saw just what we were dealing with! Wow! All day, until past dark, they worked cutting down and chipping the branches of the big tree! The sisters who could help out: Sr. Mary Magdalene, Sr. Mary Veronica, Sr. Joseph Maria, Sr. Mary Jacinta, were there all day, too. 

 We are SO GRATEFUL to Dad Gessner and John Lapinski for their generous help throughout a long day! Your reward will be GREAT in Heaven!

 Of course, there is ALWAYS someone who comes for the reward of the 11th Hour! Sr. Mary Catharine helps Sr. Mary Magdalene and Sr. Joseph Maria drive the last load of chips over to the pile.

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