Our Monastery bell

You might remember our entry back in February about our monastery bell...if you don't, you can revisit the story HERE.
As you know, weekly we read from our archives. Finally, we have more information about our friendly tintinnabular (is that a word?) hanging in our roof tower!
Our bell is 172 years old! It was first hung in the bell tower of St. Peter Church in Belleville, NJ in 1838, the year after the parish was founded! A new, bigger church was built in 1914. Somehow, our founding monastery in Union City, NJ got the bell that year. We presume it was brought with the Sisters to Summit or given to us later.
In 1939 it was hung in the bell tower of our new monastery!
So, now the next step is to find out whose patronage our bell is named after! Stay tuned!

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