MonialesOP Turns Seven!

Long ago in a far away time two Dominican Nuns were talking at recreation. "Did you see the new website Fr. John Paul made? It's called a blog!"

The other nun responded, "I just found out about them the other day. I saw a link to a blog called Disputations. It's done by a lay Dominican and guess what? It's free!"

So the two nuns went to the computer and logged on. Remember, this was during the days of dial-up. When you logged on your computer made these funny noises.

To Blogger they went and said one to another, "How do we explain what we want to do to the prioress so that she can give us permission? Let's make it first and show it to her after her! She'll be so impressed!"

So they did. To put in a photo they had to first have it hosted on another site, get the code and paste that in. Posting was often hit and  miss as dial-up meant one often lost connection.

There was NO auto save!

Seven years later, MonialesOP is still going strong!

And guess what? The Prioress WAS impressed!