The Rosary Project: A 15 Mystery Reflection on Dominican Monastic Life

Update on 10/12: A HD quality version has been replaced below.

Several readers have asked why we did a reflection on only the 15 Mysteries and not all 20 mysteries. The 15 decade rosary is considered now to be the "Dominican Rosary". We do pray the Luminous Mysteries as a community but due to the sheer amount of work it took to put together a video on 15 mysteries we decided to keep it at that!

Maybe in the future will do one on the Luminous Mysteries! What do you think?

Another reader asked why Sister is prostrating the the Chapter Hall. You can read more about the Nine Ways of Prayer of St. Dominic here: Nine Ways of Prayer

Take one camera, 20 nuns and the creative energies of Sr. Mary Magdalene and you have, "The Rosary Project: A 15 Mystery Reflection on Dominican Monastic Life"!

We hoped to share this with you on the feast of the Holy Rosary but various problems including Adobe saying "We no longer support your software," meant hours of searching to find just why we couldn't put all together to make the final video! Through our Lady's intercession it all came together last evening!

Without further ado: The Rosary Project: