St. Dominic Is Cool!

As some of you may know at the Cloister Shoppe we carry a striking statue of St. Dominic. We receive many orders for this statue and frequently need to place an order with the company from whom we purchase them. Several weeks ago we put in a large order but Sister received only 1 box of the 3 that were supposed to be shipped. Everyone looked every where for them and the workmen assured us that they hadn't seen any boxes!

The company was called and a trace was put on the missing boxes. We're talking rather large boxes, by the way! UPS didn't know what happened them. They has simply disappeared!

Now you know where this going, right?

Today, Sr. Mary Cecilia went to the walk-in refrigerator to get some shredded cheese for supper. There were 2 boxes of donated cheese right there on the shelf! A few of us had commented on this and asked, "who gave us the cheese?" but no one seemed to know!

Well, Sr. Mary Cecilia cut open a box....and THERE WERE THE STATUES!

All this time those statues were nice and safe, keeping cool in the walk-in!

Yes, we did call the company right away! We thought that the whole thing was rather funny but we're not too sure they did!

We always knew St. Dominic was a "cool" saint and this just proves it!