THE Yard and Bake Sale--June 2nd!

Preparations for our first ever Yard and Bake Sale are gearing up! Only 2 weeks left! Our wonderful volunteers have been working so hard with planning and getting the word out! Nearly everyday donations are left here and the basement hallways are getting full! Most of us are being good and not going through the donations!

There are a lot of nice things being donated and a few curious ones as well. The novices brought to recreation a "talking head"--obviously a Halloween prop. It's sort of creepy and it came with a "bleeding head" as well! Something tells us that these items will go quickly! The baking sisters are talking among themselves and planning what to bake. Sr. Maureen is making her fabulous fudge, poppy seed bars and sugar cookies. Sr. Mary Cecilia is making whole wheat bread, Sr. Judith Miryam is making yummy turtle bars and Sr. Mary Catharine is making apple pies, chocolate cinnamon bread and will work with Sr. Mary Jacinta to make chocolate chip cookies for both packages and fresh and right out of the oven on the 2nd itself. Other sisters will be baking as well but haven't decided what to do. Someone was making brownies the other day...

The Yard and Bake Sale will be a lot of fun and we hope you can come! There will be limited parking here at the monastery and more across the street at the Claremont Building.

Mark your calendars: Saturday, June 2nd, 8 AM to 4 PM!